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We're sometime unable to answer your support emails daily, as our youngest son has been in hospital since early January. #HateEpilepsy. We will endeaviour to answer your support emails as soon as possible.


Support Q&A

Q) Running setup wizard results in "Unsupported router or error setup detected"

A) This occurs when for either two reasons. Either your router is not supported (see next Q/A), or if it is, you may need to reboot it, or upgrade to latest firmware, or visit your routers admin page and setup the router if you've never setup your router before (i.e. set Admin password). 

Q) My router is not on the supported list on the App Store, or your web page list.

A) We can add usually add your router as a supported router. 

Your router has not been added as a supported router. We need to program support into WiFi Blocker to support your router. 

We need to add your router in as a supported router. We have provided a YouTube video that will guide you how we can add support in for your router. Provided someone with your router follows the guide, we can add your router in. Email us for a youtube link if you're keen to add your router to our app, it will take just 30-60 minutes to capture what we need and send us in a recording. We will add your router to the next available build, and add you as a beta tester to get early builds to test out the app. This has been successful in adding a few routers! with great praise by customers, and we are more than happy to add you router if you follow the guide. Email us and we will aim to help. 

Q) Setup Wizard : Router login always fails

A) Double check your admin username and password are correct. The best way to do this is by pointing a web browser at your router, you should see a login page. Try your username/password. If the credentials are correct, email us. Remember to always include your router make and model in all correspondence. 

Q) Wifi Blocker was working great, and all of a sudden doesn't load correctly

A) First try a reboot of your router. This sometimes resolves issues. Second try closing reopening the app. If all fails, remove and reinstall the app, and retry setup wizard (i.e. you might have changed the router password or wifi SSID name - we lock the app into your wifi network and if you change details you need to reinstall the app to run setup wizard. This is to help ensure we only send commands to your router). 

Q) Its all gone FUBAR, How to I unblock devices on my router. The app has stopped working

A) It is fairly straight forward to login to your router, and remove any MAC Address entries from your router admin page manually. For example, say you blocked one of the kids, and the app subsequenlty stopped working for any reason (say you/or telco updated the Firmware on your router, and this broke the login procedure of the WiFi Blocker app to your router).. you can easy recover all settings WiFi blocker has done by logging into your Admin page with a Browser, visiting the IP address of your router, entering the admin username password, and navigate to Advanced / Security / Mac Filtering or Parental Controls, and remove all entries in the tables. This easy removes any blocked devices. Setting MAC address entries is the only setting we do on your router.

Another quick option, is to reset your router back to Factory defaults. This will reset everything back to defaults (WIFI SSID/names, and Router Admin passwords), so take note of these before you do this, so you can login to your router through a browser and set these back to what they were. This will save you having to set devices WiFi connection details again across all devices in your home if you do reset to factory defaults and you have changed your network names (SSID names).

Support Q&A

Q) When is router scheduling being added?

A) Soon, we're working on this., we have a few prototypes in use and just getting the UI correct. We support so many routers that getting the design right and generic is important. 

Q) I have Sky router and app functions, except the blocking. I'm unable to block devcices.

A) We're aware of a firmware change that added IPv6, and we don't block that traffic. We are currently working on a fix and will get you a release as soon as possible

Q) Everytime I launch the app, it sends me to "not my home WiFi page"

A) The app is locked into the WiFi names that were setup when WiFi blocker ran the setup wizard. This is to ensure we only ever send admin commands on your own home network, for security reasons, as most traffic is HTTP and not secure HTTPS. If you change router or wifi names, you'll need to rerun setup wizard again. 

Also check the WiFi you're connected to is correct, if you have a public hotspot nearby or another router, youre device running WiFi blocker might not be on your home WiFi. 

Q) Can both parents use the app?

A) Yes, we offer family sharing! Note however most routers dont like more than one login session running. That means only one of you can use it at any one moment. When you minimise or close the app, we log you out. So you should be fine both sharing the app on a couple devices. Just remember to setup both devices to never block each other.

Q) Are you adding multi language support

A) Yes hopefully soon, just a time thing.

Q) My questions not on the list

A) Email us! 

Additional Support

Unsure if Apps and Programs are suitable for your children?

Its difficult to understand what apps and services are suitable for your children in this fast pace day and age. Checkout the following link for additional help 

Net Filters

Net filters are free and you can usually add them to your router. Some Telco routers restrict this, but if they do allow you to setup your own filters. Read this:-

Keep an eye on what content your children are watching!

Don't leave that YouTube Childens channel on unattended... and

and Report inappropriate content.

Use talk as well as tech to tame your children's online habits

Like this article, we think its a combination of both required sometimes..

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