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WiFi Blocker Features


Works with your Router

No third party hardware or subscriptions needed. WiFi Blocker app talks to your home Router Modem and uses your router's WiFi Mac Filtering functionality provided by your router, we just provide a simple and fast Mobile App controller that allows you fast and easy control of which devices you want access to the internet. The ideal parental control companion.

Block WiFi to any or all devices quick and easy

WiFi Blocker allows you to quickly and easily block any or all devices from your router modem WiFi internet connection.

Individually block any device

WiFi Blocker give you control to block any device from your router individually allowing other devices to work as normal.

Block all devices

Diner Time, Bed time, Family event, quickly block a group of devices instantly with a single button press.

See who's connected to your WiFi

WiFi Blocker shows you who is currently connected to your WiFi Router Modem. Ideal for controlling who uses your WiFi and helping ensure your neighbours aren't sharing your WiFi.

Select "Never Block" devices

Filter from all known devices which devices you never want to block, and these are hidden from the blocking options. Ideal for partners devices (sometimes), smart devices, IoT devices you never want to block.

WiFi Blocker Features


Manage and Organize your Network

With WiFi Blocker, you can create proflles to help organise your devices per profile, allowing you to group devices under Child, Guests, Household groups, and assign devices per profile. With Profiling we offer display of device info and status, and offer blocking per profile.

Pause internet controls

Pause internet per device, per profile or across all devices

Timed Schedules

Until we add Timed Access programming on your router, weve added an iOS scheduling notification so you can add alarm clock style notifications to block users, for example Bedtime, homework time, dinner time.

Detailed Device info

View detailed device info for every device in your network, displaying Hostname, IP Address, MAC Address, Device Manufacturer info, Blocked, Hidden, Never block status

Rename devices to friendly names

You can now rename devices to device friendly names. Previous versions would display either MAC address or hostname, we now offer you to customise the names of every device in your network.

Top quality customer support

We've added various ways to the App to allow you to get in touch with us. 

Automating your router is complex process, which we strive to make so simple for you to manage and control.

WiFi Blocker Scenarios


Time: 1.30am, School night. Dad finds Lauren(age 13) in bed with her Ipad. Dad "LAUREN IT's 1.30 AM!". Lauren and Dad proceed in actual tug of war for iPad.


Lauren's internet gets blocked at 8pm, lauren realises her iPad is pretty useless without internet, and is asleep by 9pm most nights. Occationally get "STUART. WiFi" reminders to switch back on her WiFi.

Sometimes not needed

Dean (age 9). Dean's a good boy and hands in his devices at set times, doesn't stay up late or sneak his devices to bed.


Time: Murray's (age 5) bath time, Murray watching Thomas on Netflix. Dad "Murray bath time".. Murray "No" .. Repeated 5x. Dad gets frustrated and turns off the Nintendo. Murray gets frustrated by Daddy, bath time is an unpleasant atmosphere.


Time: Murray's (age 5) bath time, Murray watching Thomas on Netflix. Dad "Murray bath time".. Murray "No" .. Repeated 2x. Dad loads WiFi Blocker on his Phone, blocks the Nintendo, 1 minute later buffered video runs out, Daddy "Murray bath time". Murray happy switches off Nintendo, Skips to bathroom. Win Win.

Fake News

Our sister took another approach and provided some fake news to their kids who were hooked to MineCraft. "The iPad and Games console Broke". Taking away their devices entirely. Now found cycling, playing in the garden and along the beach.


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Road Map



We've added a few routers with scheduling support. Now its easy to toggle between blocked/schedule/unrestricted modes across devices and people. The roadmap is to add all routers that support scheduling. We aim to have all routers that support Timed Access added asap.

Router Scheduler support for every router is our goal. Router scheduling deals with the timed blocking, so you dont even need to use the app to block devices. The goal is to allow you to pause/block internet on demand, and in addition have the backup of Timed Access where bedtime is automatic setup to block devices.

App Blocker

Kids complaining they need their iPad / Tablets for homework, ... App Blocker will restrict apps across your home network, such as Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, ...  To keep them focused and not distracted. Coming soon.

Guest network toggle

Guest network is ideal for getting your guests to join the network instead of your home network,. though managing the enabling / disabling of the guest network is not easy, we will be providing a guest network toggle switch.

Supported Routers

If you're router is not on the supported list, the App will not work. 

We've just developed a YouTube video on how you can help get your unsupported router added to WiFi blocker.

It takes around 1 week development time to add a new router model. We aim to increase the supported routers every month to cover the most popular routers. See Supported Routers page for currently supported routers. Email us your router if its not on the list or send in your Fiddler recording of your router admin page which we will make available in the next  which router we should add next. We aim to have you covered.

Add Netfilters to your Router

Detect if your router supports Net Filters, and offer easy setup automagically.

Your idea not on the list?

Send us an email with any features you would like us to add! We value your custom and value your ideas and improvements!

Contact Us

Contact: support@wifi-blocker.com

Opening hours:  Apologies our youngest son has been having a terrible time with aggressive epilepsy and we've been with him in Hospital since early January 2019, and most of last year. He's on the mend again, and hope we can answer your queries asap. 

If the app does not work, please see refund policy on App Store and refund. 

Please continue getting in touch as when we can we will reply to your emails, and continue to develop support the apps.