WiFi Blocker – Parental controls for your home router

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The Best Screen Time and Parental Control App

The WiFi Blocker app will change the way you WiFi and control your home network. With WiFi Blocker you can block any individual or group of devices from internet access, find your WiFi passwords, see who’s online, group devices into profiles for easy control and organise your network. At the push of a button your children are offline. The ideal parental control companion.

who is connected to my wifi
who is connected to my WiFi?
How to kick someone off WiFi
How to kick someone off WiFi – Pause Play or Schedule devices or people

Take Control of your WiFi

control wifi

Control your Kids internet access with touch of a button

Setting internet access times and toggling between paused/blocked always (homework, chores), to scheduled (bedtimes), to unrestricted (holidays) couldn’t be easier

Create Profiles to group devices per family member helping organise your network

People connected to my router

Restrict bandwidth hogs

Scheduling uses your routers access scheduler to control internet access on a timetable, automatically restricting the internet access at agreed times

Stop smart devices from sending traffic on internet (printers, cctv)

Create People profiles to group devices per user helping organise your network

schedule internet access

Schedule automated timed access

Pause internet connections on demand

Play internet connections

See who’s connected to your WiFi!

who is connected to my wifi

See who is currently connected to your WiFi router with detailed information per device with Device MAC address, IP Address, Name, Manufacturer, Connection status and Restriction status

who's connected to my wifi

Filter to narrow devices by All, Active, Inactive, Blocked, Scheduled.

Rename devices to friendly names and give each device a display order for each management of devices

See which devices in your network are still powered on (that should be turned off – helping encourage good habits)

WiFi Blocker User Stories

Typical scenarios you may be facing…

In the News

This Morning’s Alison Hammond praised for ‘strict’ rules with furious teenage son using our WiFi Blocker App. Read More

“What I did early on is I downloaded an app called WiFi Blocker,” she said.

“My son will absolutely hate the fact that I’m telling everybody this but it was the best £5 I ever invested.”

Lauren, Reason we made the app


Time: 1.30am, School night. Dad finds Lauren(age 13) in bed with her iPad.

Dad “LAUREN IT’s 1.30 AM!”. 

Lauren and Dad proceed in actual tug of war for iPad.


Lauren’s internet gets blocked at 8pm automatically, Lauren realises her iPad is pretty useless without internet, and is asleep by 9pm most nights. Occasionally get “STUART. WiFi” reminders to switch back on her WiFi, or with router scheduling her internet is automatically available from 7am. 

Dad still enjoys toggling her WiFi from scheduled to blocked to here her shout downstairs if we’ve not heard from here in a while or its dinner time.

Dean, aged 9, Sometimes not needed

Dean’s a good boy and hands in his devices at set times,
doesn’t stay up late or sneak his devices to bed.

Murray, aged 5

Time: Murray’s bath time, Murray watching Thomas on Netflix.
Dad: “Murray bath time”.. Murray “No” .. Repeated 5x. 

Dad gets frustrated and turns off the Nintendo. Murray gets frustrated by Daddy,
bath time is an unpleasant atmosphere.

Time: Murray’s bath time,
Murray watching Thomas on Netflix.
Dad “Murray bath time”.. Murray “No” .. Repeated 2x.
Dad loads WiFi Blocker on his Phone, blocks the Nintendo,
1 minute later buffered video runs out, Daddy “Murray bath time”.
Murray happy switches off Nintendo, Skips to bathroom. Win Win.

Fake News

Our sister took another approach and provided some fake news to
their kids who were hooked to Mine Craft.
“The iPad and Games console Broke”.
Taking away their devices entirely.
Now found cycling, playing in the garden and along the beach.

Google Play Store
  • No subscriptions, single purchase
  • No third party hardware required (you must own a supported router before purchase! )
  • No Cloud / Works on your phone/Local WiFi only
  • No software installation on any client device required. blocking at the router
  • Parental controls at router
  • Block your kids internet access quick and simply
  • Parent friendly, very easy to setup, intuitive design
  • Individually block any devices on your router quickly
  • Router Scheduling (available on certain routers only), block out weekly hours grid and assign devices to the schedule, router automated blocking/unblocking devices at set times
  • Pause internet access per user profile (bed time; dinner time; family event)
  • Set ‘Always Allowed’ filters
  • View/Copy WiFi credentials (easy to share with guests)