Privacy Policy for our Android App

Privacy Policy

Last Revised: August 24th, 2019

test-alpha Ltd (‘Company’, ‘we’, ‘WiFi Blocker’ or ‘us’) is committed to protecting your privacy.

We have prepared this Privacy Policy (‘Policy’) to describe our practices regarding the personal information you disclose using the application ‘WiFi Blocker’ (the ‘App’) and this website located at (the ‘Site’), our mobile applications.

1.1 Information You Provide

The ‘App’ is designed for local WiFi use only, to control your Router through your routers WiFi and no external access. 

The ‘App’ requires you to provide your router Admin credentials, for the ‘App’ to automatically login to your router to control (block devices quickly) and get status (connected devices).

The credentials you provide gives the ‘App’ full control of your personal WiFi router.

We take this trust seriously, and only store this data on your mobile phone in secure storage.

No personal data is sent to any of our remote servers or any associates (though see warning in section ‘1.3.2 Router Make Model data collected’ where this might occur but is secure and retention short and used only to detect router model).

Other types of personal information stored by the ‘App’ is device information of each device that connects to your router. This information is personal and we do not send this external from your network

and is required to operate – to block devices, schedule devices. The personal data includes device specific info as follows:- 

1. MAC address, 2. Local IP address, 3. Device Names and 4. Device Manufacturer,

 that are obtained from your router.

This data is stored within the ‘App’ only. The data is essential for blocking WiFi devices, and showing you active/idle devices.

Additionally the ‘App’ collects your WiFi credentials (personal information) to display to you for easy access to your WiFi credentials for you sharing when adding new device or sharing with guests.

None of the above is sent to our remote server. All above information is only stored locally on your device running the ‘The App’ for the ‘The App’ to function.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have questions about the information we collect.

1.2 Information Automatically Collected Via Technology

When you use our ‘App’ some information is automatically collected only by the App.

For example, when you use ‘The ‘App’, ‘The App’ collects some specific device information (device name, Internet Protocol (‘IP’) address, MAC address).

In addition the ‘App’ stores your WiFi credentials (WiFi passwords) for your use only to conveniently display this information when adding devices to your WiFi.

The ‘App’ detects your device name from your mobile device running the ‘App’ so we know which device to never WiFi block on your router (i.e. Karen’s Phone) as this would block you from your own network.

The ‘App’ collects device information of everyone on your router and stores this internally only on your device within the ‘App’ and use this information only when communicating between the ‘App’ and your router on your WiFi network to block, unblock devices, and display information.

The ‘App’ collects your Router admin settings credentials (Password/WPS PINs) and stores these within the ‘App’ in an encrypted format, 

and use these on your WiFi network between the ‘App’ and your Router to automatically login to perform the operations listed previously.

We do not send any of this data to any of our servers or associates / 3rd party servers etc.

We do not implement any usage tracking information within the ‘App’ other than specified in this policy, though if we do in the future (to understand usage patterns in the ‘App’), no personal information will be collected unless an Opt in option was selected, so by default we will not collect any usage stats.

Cookies: We do not use ‘cookies’. Cookies are small data files stored on your computer’s hard drive by a website.

1.3 Information ‘The App’ Shares with our external Server only (no third parties), and reasons

The following information is only used by us, stored in secure server, and we do not deem it personally identifiable data. We do not share this information. 

We use this information only to improve the service we provide, and to help us gauge and understand the router types in use with ‘The App’, and to detect any issues occurring that we need to fix, and to detect any fraudulent activity with In App purchases : 

1.3.1 In App Purchase and Purchase Verification data collected:-

In order to protect us from piracy and unauthorised use, we do send regular purchase info checks to our Server that collects the following information (that is not personal and cannot identify individuals)

1. App Store Receipt data (Purchase receipt info from point of sale i.e. Receipt ID that only App Store vendors could identify),

2. Your Router Make and Model (i.e. Netgear 7800),

3. Your Mobile Device Make, Model, OS version information (i.e. Google, Pixel3a, v10),

4. An installation ID (Random GUID) that gets reset when app is setup through Setup Wizard, sent from our server on router detection, to help track orders and support requests.

1.3.2 Router Make Model data collected:-

In order to for the ‘App’ to detect your router make and model, to know what router controlling code to load, the ‘App’ when searching your default gateway IP Address or address specified, captures the landing page HTTP(S) contents i.e. https:/ and forwards the response to our secure server (over HTTPS) to detect the router and responds with a router code to the ‘App’.

Data sharing with server and retention info:-

1. Your router’s HTTP landing page content at default gateway address on the WiFi connected to when searching for a router is sent to our server to search for supported code, and returns the code to use for your router.

2. If a matching router code is detected, no data is saved and only router identifier code returned and App Install ID is returned.

3. If no matching router code is detected, we store this data temporarily (0-14 days) in secure storage to determine your router make and model, so we can add this router in a future update, and records deleted as soon as examined for router make/model

4. If no matching router code is detected, the ‘App’ reports router detection problem, and offers you to send in an email to register to be notified when your router is subsequently added. If you send in associated request email we will link your email address to a new router model code, and 

 email you when your router has been added.

WARNING: most routers only have the standard login page html with no personal information available. However some router make/models do have some personal information on the landing page (i.e. WiFi names, Connected Devices [MacAddress/Names] ). 

This information if sent is ignored and deleted as soon as router make/model identified, replaced with simple text of your router, i.e. Netgear XR900

1.3.3 Support data collected – On successful setup wizard completion

On successful setup wizard completion (i.e. ‘The App’ has successfully sync’d with your router during setup) ‘The App’ sends to our server the following information to 

help us understand what routers people are using with the app so we understand where to focus new development on, and to help us prioritise development and support. 

‘The ‘App’ supports so many routers that its important for us to know which routers are most popular and which ones are not being used.

The detailed information sent on successful setup of ‘The App’ includes:- 

1. Your Router’s Model, Make, and Firmware Version,

2. Your Mobile Device Manufacturer, Model, OS version information, to understand most popular devices using ‘The App’ to focus testing on,

3. An installation ID (Random GUID) that gets reset when app is deleted/reinstalled and is random with no identifiers, to help track orders and support requests,

4. App Version information and Version history, for support info knowing if problems have just occured or new user,

5. The number of devices only, so we know typical average/maximum devices being used, and help identify any issues with device detection (if no devices detected app does not work and serious bug, or some routers have maximum number devices blockable at any time etc.).,

6. The number of WiFi networks, so we know if there is problems with 0 wifi networks detected, for given router model we would need to fix (if no WiFi network detected app cannot share WiFi names with guests and is common breaking point with router software updates.

We want to know what routers (and firmware versions) our customers (you) are using to get bigger picture for future development and support, and to get insights into app performance, and to detect bugs/issues with the app.

1.4 Android Permissions, and reasons

Android user configurable permissions may all be denied and ‘The App’ will still function. Below are each permission and reasons to allow each permission, and how the permissions are used

Title 1.4.1 Location : 


From Android 9 upwards Location permission is required to get the current WiFi name you’re device is connected to. We use this information if you allow the permission to ONLY get the current SSID WiFi name you’re connected to, and this info is only used within ‘The App’.

The Reason we use WiFi name you’re connected to is to provide fast error reporting and security when you open ‘The App’ on a WiFi network that is not your private WiFi the app is designed to operate on (‘The App’ checks current WiFi vs your routers WiFi names ‘The App’ acquired during setup wizard and can detect if wrong network first/fast).

Without the permission enabled, opening ‘the App’ or if ‘The App’ switches WiFi networks ‘The App’ will get confused and try and communicate with the gateway you’re connected to and can take 30-60 seconds to timeout. Some operations might try a login which would send your WiFi credentials to the default gateway your device is connected,

so ‘The App’ performs checks to ensure ‘The App’ only operates on your WiFi network. This check is done before any commands to your router are sent. When Multiple router support is added, this permission will also be important to help auto switch router control within ‘The App’.

Location information is not used other than getting your current WiFi name you’re currently connected to, and this information is personal and private, and could locate your location, and we ensure you we do not send this information out of the App or from your device.

1.4.2 Camera

The Camera permission is only required if you want to take a picture of a persons to be included in the People profiles within ‘The App’. This is only use of the Camera and can be denied and you can import pictures from your storage or not at all. No media is sent outside ‘The App’

1.4.3 Storage

The People profiles can be setup with images of person profiles to help customi(z)(s)e and personalise ‘The App’ and is only used to store images or retrieve images of profile pictures. 

In addition, ‘The App’ uses local storage to store app configuration data within the app storage space (i.e people / devices grouping info, device info for loading back into the app [to allow offline devices to be listed])

1.4.4 Internet

‘The App’ requires internet access to perform receipt verification, and some services within the app to get information or post support messages.

PLEASE DON’T BLOCK YOUR OWN DEVICE FROM INTERNET, it would be a bit like leaving your house, locking your door, and posting the keys through the letter box (Silly). If you do block yourself, you’ll need to use

 your routers web page locally and manually unblock yourself as the App will not be able to verify purchase information and might restrict blocking commands. You should ensure your device is always ticked under ‘Always Allowed’ to avoid this

To reiterate, no location information, no camera, no storage information is sent external to your device using ‘The App’

1.5 Root Device Detection / Restrictions and Pirated App Copies

With some of the personal information ‘The App’ has access to (router admin credentials, router WiFi credentials), we will try to detect rooted devices and exit the app.

With cloned or pirated versions or apps downloaded outwith Google Play Store or Apple App Store or ‘The App’ running on a rooted device, we will not guarantee this privacy! Don’t risk your router security and privacy. Use official stores, (and understand the risks of running a rooted device),

and help support the developer to improve ‘The App’. If you see suspicious activity please report this to us and the relevant app store.

1.6 Apple App Store Privacy Policy.

The current version of ‘The App’s on the Apple App Store do not offer In App purchases and do not communicate with our Server (standalone app only). From 3.0 Versions we plan on moving to the above freemium model and non-personal info for support sent to our server.

2. Use Of Your Data

We use information collected through support Services for purposes described in this Policy or disclosed to you on our Site, or in connection with our Services.

For example, we may use your information to:

(i) operate and improve our Services, App, and Site;

(ii) understand you and your preferences to enhance your experience and enjoyment using our Site, App, and Services;

(iii) respond to your comments and questions and provide customer support;

(iv) to send you related information, technical notices, updates, security alerts, and support and administrative messages;

(v) communicate with you about new contests, promotions, rewards, upcoming events, and other news about Services offered by Company and our selected partners;

To reiterate, we do not sell your personally identifiable data. Email communication remians in our email client/server for support purposes only, and only contains email threads you have sent/received with us. Any data stored is stored on our server only, and locked down by firewalls

3. Payment Data

No payment details are request or stored.

4. Sharing Of Personal Information

We do not share your personal information with third parties.

5. GDPR and right to request all data stored on you and your rights to request data to be deleted.

We use personal information collected through support Services (email) for purposes described in this Policy or disclosed to you on our Site, or in connection with our Services.

The only personal identifying information we collect is through support email communication. i.e. your Email address and information we exchange.

At any time you may request us to delete all Email threads with your email address.

At any time you may request any In App Purchase receipt validation data or Support information to be deleted sent from ‘The App’ on providing us the Install ID GUID or purchase receipt token/receipt ID.

We fully support GDPR and future updates to GDPR.

6. Security Of Your Personal Information

Company is committed to protecting the security of your personal information.

We use a variety of industry-standard security technologies and procedures to help protect your personal information from unauthorised access, use, or disclosure.

7. Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns or complaints about our Privacy Policy or our data collection or processing practices, or if you want to report any security violations to us, please contact us at the following email address: [email protected].

8. Changes To This Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is subject to occasional revision, and if we make any material changes in the way we use your personal information, we will update this policy on our site.

9. Our details

9.1 This website is owned and operated by test-alpha Ltd.

9.2 We are registered in Scotland under registration number ‘Company#: SC327949’.

9.4 You can contact us:

(a) Using our website contact form;

(b) By email, using [email protected]