NetComm Wireless NF18ACV WiFi control app

NetComm Wireless NF18ACV router
NetComm Wireless NF18ACV router

How do I set parental controls on NetComm Wireless NF18ACV router?

You can set parental controls on your NetComm Wireless NF18ACV by visiting your routers web page entering the address ‘ ‘ in a web browser, login using your routers admin username and password and setup parental controls. Alternatively you could use our unofficial app that automates the whole process allowing you quick WiFi control to

  • See who’s connected to your WiFi,
  • Kick someone off your WiFi,
  • Restrict internet access control to play pause or schedule internet
  • Toggle Guest WiFi on/off
  • View and Share your WiFi passwords
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How do I see what devices are connected to my NetComm Wireless NF18ACV?

The devices tab has all devices listed with current connection and restriction status

Device name, IP address, MAC Address, and Device manufacturer details displayed

Filter allows you to narrow device list down to All, Active, Inactive, Blocked, Scheduled.

You can rename devices and give each device a display order for each management of devices

Devices connected to my WiFi

NetComm Wireless NF18ACV connected devices

unknown devices on my network, see them easy with devices page

how to see who is on your NetComm Wireless NF18ACV wifi

How do I see who is connected to my NetComm Wireless NF18ACV?

People connected to my router
see who and which devcies are connected to your WiFi
whos connected to my wifi
people connected to my WiFi

The People tab displays an overview of all the people and their grouped devices connected to your WiFi network.

You can add people, assign devices and timed access profiles

At a glance see who is online

You can control their internet access switching between Schedule / Block / Unrestricted modes

How do I setup Timed Access / Schedule on my NetComm Wireless NF18ACV internet

To setup a Timed Access / Schedule for a device or person, visit the Block restrictions page, then select Schedules. In Schedules you can view, create, edit and delete schedules. Once a schedule is created you can simply assign it to either a device or person (group of devices). You can specify any hour in the week you wish to set the internet to be restricted (block our night time, dinner time, lunchtimes).

router timed access
how do I set schedule timed access to a device or person
how do I set device with timed access
how do I set device with timed access

How do I assign a Timed Access Schedule to a device on my NetComm Wireless NF18ACV router?

You can assign a schedule to either a device or a person (group of devices). To assign a schedule to a person, visit the person tab, click on the person’s image, and navigate to “Assign Schedule to person” where a list of all schedules is selected. Select the schedule you wish to assign the person and select apply. Then save the update for the person. This will apply the schedule to the person (by assigning the schedule to all the person’s devices). Alternatively you can assign a schedule to a device by visiting the Device tab, select the device you with to assign a schedule, then assign schedule and select the schedule to be assigned, and apply/save updates.

How do I disable a schedule timed access on my NetComm Wireless NF18ACV router?

disable router timed access

Enable or disable a timed access schedule(s) from the Block/Schedule page. Disabling a schedule to stop the timed access across any device/person, ideal for extending the kids access on school holidays. The schedule will still be assigned to devices or people but disabled (grey icon). You can easy re-enable the schedule.

How do I block a device from my WIFI NetComm Wireless NF18ACV router?

Pausing the internet per device could not be easier, visit the Block tab in the app, find the device you wish to block internet access to and press the pause button to block internet access to the device. The paused button will turn solid red when device is fully blocked

how do I block a device from my WiFi
How do I block a device from my WiFi
Block Devices individually
Block Devices individually
How to kick someone off WiFi

Controls provide simple ability to switch between paused (blocked until you change), play (unrestricted access), and scheduled (timed access mode)

What types of devices can be blocked from my NetComm Wireless NF18ACV WIFI router?

Any type of device can be restricted internet access, XBox, Playstations, Phones, PCs, TVs, anything that connects to your NetComm Wireless NF18ACV router can have its internet access restricted

NetComm Wireless NF18ACV parental controls not working

If you can block some devices (iPhone/android phone) but not others (i.e. Games consoles), this could be Universal Plug and Play (uPnP) is enabled in the settings on your router. uPnP is usually enabled by default on most routers. Try disabling uPnP from your routers web page and check if this resolves issues. uPnP is used by games consoles and other devices (TVs etc) so they can easy connect to different services bypassing your routers security settings and they can punch holes in your routers firewalls for example, open up ports to the outside world and bypass some router parental controls. There have been reported issues with uPnP where your TV or printer could get hacked through uPnP for example. Its safer to disable uPnP on your router and this has been known root cause of some of our customers that certain devices just do not block but by disabling uPnP on the router this has resolved the issue. i.e. you block say a PlayStation 4 but the PlayStation still has internet access – uPnP protocol at use – disabling it fixed the blocking issue and console was then controllable by the app. Solution: Disable uPnP on your routers admin web page. See our FAQ for other possible solutions

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